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An educational institution established in the United States of America - Delaware
and issued a license certificate from the Secretary of State of Delaware registered
No. 6671248, it's one of the largest examination and accreditation bodies in the world.
provide accreditation for professional training institutions and manages certification
schemes for knowledge-based administrators, and has a sophisticated global network
with regional offices located around the world.
(ACTE) is one of the world's premier professional studies and research institutions, the (ACTE) has driven new ways of
thinking since our 2016 founding.


Is to become the premier destination for professional studies by generating
interdisciplinary thought leadership, developing innovative learning,
and advancing globally competitive professional solutions for ambitious
agents of change and impact.

"ACTE" is to provide a rigorous professional studies, informed by rapidly evolving global market needs and foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in professional studies and to provide opportunities for individuals to develop intellectually, personally, and professionally.
Core value is quality the system holds a strong commitment to high standards in all aspects of its educational activities, learning outcomes, and support services.
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Our Accreditation Services

ACTE is one of the best known for accrediting training organizations that deliver a wide range of professional certifications and qualifications. We accredit institutions, training programs , trainers.and provide specialized accreditation for professional studies, our accreditation processes remain rigorous and demand a high standard, accreditation is an assurance of quality in professional studies.


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